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Getting from Kokrobite to Butre

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We had had 1 great night and day of beaching, swimming, rasta'ing, drinking and recovering from our 24 hour fligh plan across Africa and back again. But Casimir had told us that lots of PCVs were gathering at "The Hideout," an aptly named little beach getaway place. Lonely Planet had no mention of the place or the town, so we knew it had to be good.
So we hopped on a taxi, lept into a tro-tro, switched to another and yet another tro. Soon we were dirty, slightly hassled for our bags, hungry and hot. The tros moved slowly, pulling us from tiny village to tiny village as the ticket man made arm motions and the driver honked the horn, signalling to everyone without words that our vehicle was goig to Takradi.
Many hours and one embarassing pee incident later (Hey, brunei! Sachadoo!), we grabbed yet another tro to Agona, unti it was pictch black and were in a small Ghanaian village. "Butra? It's very far. The road is bad. I can take you for...8 cedis." A half hour of arguing later, we were in a crayz cab for 6 cedis. Bumpy diry roads led us through several villages until our driver said, "Ok, here you have to walk. Cross the bridge." The bridge?! Waves crashed underneath us as we walked over wooden planks, uneven, shaky, slanted. Can they hold the weight of us and our packs? What's that loud crashing below us--waves on waves, waves on rocks, waves on the bridg ahead of us? Only our headlamps lit our next steps.
After we crossed the bridge (which seemed unending but in daylight turned out to be small and quite safe, the crashing waves a significant distance away), we continued to walk, stumbling in the sand under our heavy pack. Small lights in the distance we hoped showed us the way to the Hideout, although the last sign had been quite some time before. What relief when those distant lights illuminated tables, chairs, PCVs and Ghanaians eating and drinking under straw umbrellas! We quickly pitched our tent in the dark and joined the crowd, sure that Casimir had intentionally set us on an obstacle course, and kind of test of our PCV status....And we felt like succeses.

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Three Peace Corps ladies, Battle Axe, Flames and D-Dawg, decided that they hadn't had enough adventure in Morocco, and so set forth for 'the Real Africa'.
After months of sometimes careful planning, these intrepid ladies decided to brave the southern reaches of Morocco and the coastal highways of Mauritania. They planned to give thanks for the beach bungalows of Senegal and then venture inland on a harrowing 3-day train ride to the former capital of the trans-saharan trade route, later catching a lazy boat ride to the ancient libraries of Timbuktu. They aspire to find a lonely pine tree in the desolate plains of Burkina Faso and ultimately ring in the New Year partying in huts above hippos and finish their journey on the hammock-lined shores of Ghana.
You are welcome to follow our adventures here on our blog or come join us along the way!

-Battle Axe, Flames & D-Dawg

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